We're going on an adventure!

We’re not off on our trip just yet, but it was suggested by Rhi that I hurry up and get this travel blog up and running.

Our aim is to blog every day, but we’re not sure how frequently we’ll get access to the internet in order to actually post.

Naturally we’ll tell you all about our travels when we get home, but we thought it best to use a blog to keep as many people up-to-date with our travels as possible (and let you know we’re still alive and well!)

We jet off on Monday morning at 11am flying via Singapore (with a 6-ish hour stopover), then Zurich for an hour, before arriving in London early on Tuesday morning local time. Once there, the plan is to grab a bite to eat and set off on a two-hour express coach ride to Bristol, where we’ll be staying with a friend while we’re in the UK.

Next weekend, we’ll board a train to Paris where we’ll spend a few days taking in the sites both on a tour and on our own.

From there, it’s a full-day train trip across the European countryside to Rome, where we’ll base our eight day stay in Italy. We have a few tours lined up here, too. We purchased ourselves a four day RailPass and have plans to visit Florence and Naples, and using the other two days for wild card journeys.

Ater Italy, we fly back to Zurich as part of our round-the-world fare to indulge in some fine cheese and chocolate and to relax from the busy schedule we’ve set ourselves in Italy.

Lastly, we fly to Los Angeles for seven days of adventures across Southern California; we’ll visit Universal Studios, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Santa Monica, squeeze in some outlet shopping and I’ll catch the Lakers play at STAPLES Centre.

It doesn’t seem like a lot in a few paragraphs, but we’re both really excited about the trip of a lifetime (even if we do have to face 20 hours on three planes before it begins!)

Check back again soon, we’ll get photos and details up as often as we can!

Michael and Rhi

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